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Some might call this work coaching, or others might call it therapy. It is much like these things, and influenced by my own experience from being on both sides of coaching and therapeutic relationships with other wonderful people who’ve taught me a lot. It is especially influenced by my years of working with people in group contexts. When I speak with you as a facilitator, I work to attune to possible directions and helpful places to dwell in our conversations.

This might involve regular or occasional sessions one-on-one with me. I can also meet with couples. 

I specialize in working with people who work together. Meet with me with one or more of your collaborators, or someone you hope to collaborate with, to have a facilitated conversation exploring challenges and preferred futures for your work together.

There are many ways to heal . . . and to grow. If you choose to invite me to work with you, we'll figure out together what might be most helpful to you. I use tools and approaches drawn from these traditions:

  • Narrative practices

  • Dialogue

  • Theatre of the Oppressed

  • Mindfulness

  • Relational modalities

  • Graphic recording


A little about movement and meeting with me: 

For some, the stillness of sitting with themselves and in relation with another person is a deeply productive experience. But this isn’t the only or best way to access emotion and develop resources for wellness for everyone.

The body is a resource. Doing things with our bodies can help us access emotions and ideas that aren’t immediately available through talking alone. It also can help us experiment with ways of connecting to ourselves and the world that can be healing, inspiring, enlivening. Session format can be tailored to make use of this. We can meet outdoors, talk and walk, lay on the ground. We can make art together or in parallel in my studio. We can experiment.

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