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My goal as a mediator is to help you figure out your own solution to your problems. You are the ones who will be living with your solution from here on out, so we want you to be the ones who decide what the solution will be.  I am not here to tell you what to do, or to judge your problems. I’m much more interested in helping you think about solutions for the future than in trying to judge what happened in the past.


This will probably start with figuring out what your problems really are--which sometimes allows solutions to make themselves available when previously it seemed like there weren’t any.

I completed a 40-hour training in mediation with Mediation Wayne in Wayne County, Michigan, in 2013. I’ve also pursued extensive study in Narrative Mediation.

Please note that mediation is a facilitated process, not legal counsel. I am not here to give you legal advice. I am here to help you explore possibilities together, outside of the courts or other institutional interventions.

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